Maris Gilden is European mid-size modern trading import & export company which was established in 2007. From the start our specialisation was and is now whole sale and distribution of FMCG products including our main portfolio categories of food, bevarages and organic products in the Baltic region: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Maris Gilden head office is based in Vilnius city, in the capital of Lithuania. Main warehouse is located in the center of Lithuania – in Kaunas city.

Maris Gilden today collaborates with many producers and suppliers from different countries of the world. We import products from Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romonia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Turkey.

Maris Gilden main clients are biggest retail chains, independent stores, cash & carry type stores, specialised stores, kiosks, online e-shops, small shops, petrol stations, whole sale partners, B2B partners.

Maris Gilden is always investing in technical advanced wholesale and IT systems. It let us fully automatise the processes of distribution, ordering, warehousing and logistics, which assures the highest quality of deliveries to the customers on time in the most efficient way.


  • QUALITY – we sell only high quality products and provide the best quality services
  • HONESTY – we are always honest to our clients, partners and customers, of course, we are first honest to our selves
  • RESPECT – we respect the Client, the Partner and the Customer
  • FLEXIBILITY – we are flexible, and ready to find the best solution for both sides to any question
  • EXPERIENCE – we have many years of experience in this business, and it let us find faster and smarter answers to our daily issues
  • PASSION – we work with passion, we love what we do
  • „GENTLEMAN AGREEMENT“ – is our core value and we always keep our word from the start till the end

Our VISION to become modern leading of whole sale and distribution company in the Baltic region.

Our MISSION to supply end customers and clients with the products which fit best their needs in the highest qualified way.